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The 2018 PPI Deadline – will it end the PPI saga once and for all?

Some people welcome the news of a deadline and others say that it is a bad thing. With the announcement that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) intends to impose a deadline of 2018 on PPI claims, what does this mean for the consumer on the street? Why do we need a deadline?
Written by Debt Advice Scotland at 08:00

What is ‘Alternative Redress’?

Just when you thought nothing more could possibly be squeezed out of the payment protection insurance (PPI) mis-selling scandal, along comes the argument around alternative redress. But what is it, and why is one banking group using it?
Written by Debt Advice Scotland at 12:10

PPI - Back To Basics

Payment protection insurance (PPI) is a financial product that must surely now be a hug embarrassment to all major UK banks and lenders. Mis-sold on a massive basis, we still have customers who contact us asking if ‘PPI really applies to me’. And our answer? Probably, yes. Read on to find out more...
Written by Debt Advice Scotland at 15:30

Do you Have PPI on Your Loan?

PPI – payment protection insurance – is a thorn in the side of many banks and lenders in the UK. At one time, PPI was the cash-cow of all banks, bringing in huge profits and large commission for ambitious sales representatives.
Written by Debt Advice Scotland at 16:30
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Is Making a PPI Compensation Claim Worth the Hassle?

Here at Debt Advice Scotland, we are asked many questions every day; people email us, use our contact form or phone us. Some have complex enquiries that take some time to resolve, whilst some people have a few basic questions about the simplicity or complexities of making a PPI compensation claim.
Written by Debt Advice Scotland at 14:52

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